Debasafe™ Tamper Evident Security Bags/Mine Bags

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Debasafe™ Tamper Evident Security Bags

Debasafe™ Tamper Evident Security Bags are used where the audited storage or movement of items is crucial.  Cash in Transit companies, Banking & financial, Security & Forensics, Mining – Precious Metals, Post Office, Universities, Schools & Government Departments.

Bag Features include

  • The Debatape plus seal closure is precision applied in three entities (liner, membrane and glue) by a bag making machine onto the bag. Any display of tamper by cold, heat, solvents, liquid or physical manipulation will be displayed.

  • Bags are manufactured in high strength 2 or 3 layer Top Quality Virgin opaque or clear Polyethylene.

  • Bags are available in Plaslope’s standard stock sizes or can be customised to suit client’s specifications.

  • Includes a unique sequential number or Barcode.

  • Alpha prefix and starting number can be requested by the client.

  • Security edge print on the side seal, and a scissor cut line indicating where bag is to be opened.

  • Packed into labeled boxes indicating size, number of bags and number sequence.

  • Perforation on the upper and lower section of the security seal acts as an extra preventative measure if manually tampered with.

  • Additional barcode
  • Corresponding bag number under the security seal
  • Punch Handle
  • Tear-off receipts
  • Inner or Outer document pouch
  • Wavy side seal