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Protectadocs®/Unipaks (self-adhesive document pouches)

These are used for carrying documents, operating manuals, waybills, warranties etc., and can be adhered to parcels, boxes, files etc.  Manufactured in clear material with adhesive on the rear.   The total closure of the waybill holder ensures that the document cannot be removed, get lost in transit, or get wet & damaged during adverse weather conditions. The clear material allows for the inserted document to be easily read.


Protectadoc® (External Dimensions)

  • Small: 210 x 150mm

  • Large: 210 x 230mm

Unipacks (Internal Dimensions)

  • A6 – 165 x 120mm

  • A5 – 225 x 165mm

  • A4 – 310 x 240mm

Envelopes can be customized to the client’s specifications