Consolidation Bags

These bags are re-usable and are used for the consolidation of multiple courier packs or small parcels into one bag for transporting from depot to depot or depot to airport.

Manufactured in 80-120 micron top quality Virgin Polyethylene to ensure extra strength.

Security Bulk Bags are punched with one or two layers of holes, through which a sequentially numbered plastic seal is threaded to ensure the safe movement of goods.

Bags are bottom sealed with an opening on the top. Side Gussets are optional.

Punch Handle Bags

  • Manufactured from top quality Virgin Polyethylene

  • Bags can be supplied plain or customised to meet the customers specifications

  • Personalised bags can be used as a medium to increase advertising exposure

  • An internal cuff can be added to the top of the bag, to strengthen handle area

  • * Bags can be customised to suit customer’s specifications.


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