Courier Paks (Flyer Bags)

Courier Paks are mainly used by courier, parcel and freight companies for the secure movement of their customer’s documents and consignments.

They are manufactured in grey (opaque), white, clear  or coloured coextruded top quality Virgin polyethylene with a flap, and an adhesive strip for easy closure.

A clear overlapping body pocket (Waybill Pouch) for the insertion of waybills /consignment notes etc., can also be added to the rear of the Courier Pak.

Courier Paks can be personalised to the customer’s specifications.

Unique sequential numbering or barcoding are optional.


  • Drop Cash – 215 x 165mm + 50mm flap

  • Small: 310 x 450mm + 50mm flap

  • Medium: 330 x 450mm + 50mm flap

  • Large: 370 x 450mm + 50mm flap

  • X Large: 500 x 500mm + 50mm flap

  • XX Large: 620 x 650mm + 50mm flap

  • Other sizes and thicknesses are available on request


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