Duty Free Bags (STEBS- Security Tamper Evident Bags)

Aviation transport places stringent demands on Tamper Evident Packaging and Bags. Only sealable transparent STEB’s are authorised for the transport of (LAG’s) liquids, aerosols and gels. After passengers have passed through the security check point, any LAG’s are placed into these security bags for safe keeping.

Plaslope was the first and is currently the only known manufacturer and supplier of STEB’s – approved by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) in Africa. Plaslope complies with the specifications of the specially designed Security Tamper Evident Bag laid out by ICAO.

Bag Features include

  • Co-extruded, transparent film (60μm – 100μm) top quality Virgin Polyethylene

  • Red high security tamper evident tape for seal closure

  • Wide welded side seal with security overprint

  • Sturdy handle for carrying

  • Green ICAO symbol printed for quick identification

  • The three letter country code and manufacturers name identifies the bag’s origin

  • Inner pocket for receipts

  • Authorised for international air transport

  • Meets all demands set out by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)

  • Three standard sizes

  • Advertising print on request


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