Self-seal & Heat-seal Envelopes

Manufactured in top quality Virgin Polyethylene, these can be used for the mailing or distribution of magazines, catalogues, brochures, annual reports etc.

Self-seal envelopes are manufactured with a flap, which has an adhesive strip for easy closure. Once sealed, the envelope cannot be opened without being damaged, therefore keeping the contents reasonably safe.

Heat-seal envelopes are manufactured without a flap. The envelopes are sealed by means of a heat-sealing machine.

Inserting and packaging of mail, brochures, catalogues etc. is offered in-house.


  • DL: 115 x 210mm

  • C5: 160 x 210mm

  • C4: 230 x 300mm

  • BC4: 250 x 310mm

  • * Can be manufactured and printed to customers specifications. Customised envelopes to be mailed are subject to certain regulations set out by the SA Post Office.


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